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MARS Hydrogen Generators with PEM Technology

Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Technology facilitates production of extra-pure and compressed Hydrogen without the need for external purification or compression systems

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Convenience at its best

With no requirement of caustic solutions, MARS Hydrogen generators need just distilled water and electric current to produce hydrogen on demand without any manual intervention.

Ideal for laboratory application

The extreme purity of the produced Hydrogen gas is perfect as a carrier gas for GCFID/ GC-NPD/GC-TCD, as a reagent gas for GC-ELCD/GC-HALL, as a reaction gas for ICP-MS.

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Benefit 1

Proton Exchange Membrane technology for extremely pure hydrogen gas.

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Benefit 2

No need for external purification or compression systems

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Benefit 3

Cost effective as saves the cost of gas, transport and rental of cylinders

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