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SDL400 Light Meter with Data Logger

A complete suite for light measuring applications, SDL400 is a wide range light meter which comes with a SD card to store readings and time stamps

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Cosine and color-corrected measurements

SDL400 utilizes precision silicon photo diode and spectral response filter for precision and offers a wide range of 10,000Fc or 100kLux along with offset adjustment feature.

Adjustable data sampling rate

Offering adjustable sampling rate of 1 to 3600 seconds and a type K/J Thermocouple input for high temperature measurements, SDL400 is the ideal light meter

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Benefit 1

Stores 99 readings manually and 20M readings via 2G SD card

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Benefit 2

Best suited for the field of Cinematography and Scenic Design

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Benefit 3

Analog and digital display for ease of understanding

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