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Sievers M500
Third generation online TOC analyzer

Based on Sievers’ reagentless Membrane Conductometric technology, M500 online TOC analyzer comes with a suite of advanced data management features.

Sievers M500 Third generation online TOC analyzer
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Increased analysis speed

M500 renders analysis time reduced by 50% facilitating easy utilization of real-time data, early detection, and process control.

Super iOS 4-port sampler

Offering an operating range of 0.03 ppb to 2.5 ppm with high accuracy, M500 includes simultaneous conductivity measurement.

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Benefit 1

Perfect for pharmaceutical Purified Water (PW) and Water for Injection (WFI) applications

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Benefit 2

Unmatched reliability, robustness, and accuracy in detection of critical organic contaminants

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Benefit 3

Standardized and customized protocols in compliance with the industry regulations


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