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Capable of the most demanding applications including small sample protein therapeutics, m-VROC is used worldwide by Fortune Global 500 companies and leading research universities.

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Controlled Shear Rates and Small Samples

Offering the widest dynamic range, m-VROC features high shear rate viscosity measurements with as little as 50 microliters of sample.

Customized chip depth

m-VROC comes in a wide range of selections with customizable chip depths and extendable temperature ranges for small sample-low viscosity to high shear applications.

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Benefit 1

High precision with accuracy up to 2% of reading and repeatability up of 0.5% of reading

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Benefit 2

Unprecedented vast shear rate range of 0.5 ~ 1,400,000 s -1

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Benefit 3

Widest dynamic viscosity range of mPa-s (cP) 0.2 ~ 100,000 cP

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