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Portable Checkpoint Sensor

Measure low-level total organic carbon (TOC) anywhere, anytime with the new CheckPoint Pharma and CheckPoint On-Line/Portable Total Organic Carbon (TOC) sensors.

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Affordable, versatile, and portable

The CheckPoint TOC sensors can be used online for continuous monitoring or hand-carried to any point in a water system for rapid diagnostic sampling and troubleshooting

Ethernet Modbus transmission

The user-friendly TOC Analyzer stores 28,800 records with TOC display data accessible using USB memory stick and display screen and documentation available in English, Chinese, or Japanese

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Benefit 1

On-line and off-line testing in one instrument

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Benefit 2

Self-contained pump for easy system suitability and calibration testing

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Benefit 3

Provision of IQ/OQ/PQ validation protocols

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Download details

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