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Human Vibration Meter & Analyzer

Extremely meticulous human vibrations measurements with multiple channels for monitoring acceleration and static force with compliance with the standard ISO regulations

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Set of accelerometers

Low-cost and low power seat accelerometers namely SV 38V Hand-Arm measurements, SV 50 triaxial accelerometer, SV 105 integrated triaxial accelerometer, adapter and grip force sensor.

Hi-tech data logger

Store data for later recall measured with explicitly designed six channels for acceleration and two channels for static force measurements.

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Benefit 1

ISO 8041:2005, ISO 2631-1,2&5 (including VDV and MTVV) and ISO 5349

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Benefit 2

Low cost, convenient & very less power consumption

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Benefit 3

Advanced data logger including spectral analysis

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Download details

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