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Ravona Pharma Lyophilization Isolator

Ravona's Lyophilization isolator / Freeze dryer Isolator is a high-end isolator for loading and unloading with inclusion of a decontamination H2O2 system

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Quick Aeration Time

A state-of-art combination of flow sensor with laminar air flow, Filter Fan Unit, and wash down system catalyzes system for neutralizing the H2O2 vapor and quicker aeration time

Special Hygienic Design

Inflatable gaskets for the glass doors, including for the internal pneumatic doors, and plenum doors and integration to the LSA conveyor and pistons ensures no exposed silicone

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Benefit 1

Special double filters system along with BIBO filters for toxic product

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Benefit 2

Special design for the LYO loading and unloading system

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Benefit 3

Compliance with the FDA CFR21 part 11

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