The environment lab instruments industry is ever-evolving. Ion Exchange has launched its newest model for lab water systems titled Spectra.

Spectra is an easy to install, dual-purpose water maker offering the perfect solution for clinical, pharmaceutical and research laboratories with its laboratory-grade distilled water. The lab water system comprises a touch screen display, onboard diagnostic & consumables replacement reminder tool and an integrated recirculation system that ensures consistent quality of water and reduces TOC to low levels.

The product comes in two types: ASTM Type 1 Water & ASTM Type 2 Water. The ASTM Type 1 Water has a resistivity of 18.2 MΩ.cm and TOC < 5 ppb. While ASTM Type 2 Water has a resistivity of 10 MΩ.cm and TOC < 30 ppb.

The high-tech system works on tap water as well as sources. It requires a very low operating cost thereby minimizing the maintenance cost. The lab water system has various applications ranging from Gas Chromatography to All spectroscopy methods to Enzyme immunoassays.

You can check out the product in detail here.