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SS 316L Nanofog Fogger

SS 316L, the best structured Nanofog fogger generates a fog formed by Ultra Low Volume (ULV) uniform sub-micron size liquid particles

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Flow Control Mechanism

Unprecedented flow control mechanism eases the application of liquid formulations in concentrations of 2-90% and at adjustable flow rates of 1-3 litres per hour

Advance thrust design

Nanofog foggers run on a high speed FHP motor that provides maximum thrust of spray; coupled with the advance thrust design of Air-jet nozzle, it achieves fog thrust of >50 feet.

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Benefit 1

Digital Timer makes the entire fogging operation hassle-free

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Benefit 2

The new and extremely impressive aerial disinfection system

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Benefit 3

Portable, sturdy and most durable with no maintenance needs

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