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Roto 360 Turn Table

A 360 degree rotating device from IFS, Roto360 is the all new turn table brilliantly designed to improve the performance of the Nanofog 30 series foggers

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Evenly distribution of fog

The sophisticated accessory helps in spreading fog in all directions ensuring equal distribution of the fog into the air and enhancing the reachability of the fogging process

Time and Cost Saver

The Roto 360 Turn Table saves time in the fogging process as it effectively treats larger area in less time preventing condensation of fog particles due to the constant movement

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Benefit 1

360° rotation increases area coverage almost thrice than, without it.

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Benefit 2

Prevent condensation of fog particles due to the continuous movement

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Benefit 3

Zero maintenance and trouble free operation saves money and time

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Download details

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