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Amira probe for isokinetic sampling

Automatic, reliable, ready for integration, the Amira probes prevent the entry of decontaminating agents during the bio-decontamination process

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Aerodynamic design

Designed in FDA approved materials, Amira probes are simple to clean, remotely operable with no need of manual activity of the operators inside the areas to be sampled.

Automatic Closing System

An electronic system controls the opening and closing stages through a proximity sensor allowing a perfect integration with the facility monitoring system implemented by the customer

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Benefit 1

Automate the opening / closing processes of the isokinetic probes according to production requirements

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Benefit 2

Prevent material to enter and damage the particle counter during powder production or cleaning operations

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Benefit 3

Made of Arnite and stainless steel makinng it simple to clean

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