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Pharma Products

Single Toc Analyser For All Pharma Toc Applications :-

Online, Offline & Atline

Applications :-
  • TOC analysis in PW & WFI as per USP 643, EP 2.2.44, JP 2.59, CP, IP, WHO etc… (Limit : 500PPB).
  • TOC extraction monitoring in package material as per USP 661.1 & 661.2. (Limit: 5PPM & 8PPM).
  • Best non-specific tool for cleaning validation samples to reduce production down time.
  • Raw sample Stage 1 conductivity as per USP(645).
  • Online/Offline samples can be analysed.
  • At line sample analysis i.e carry the instrument to point of use TOC analysis.
  • Sterile water SST (Limit: 8PPM).
Salient Features :-
  • Range: 0.03 – 2500/50000 PPB.
  • Patented technology: UV/ Persulfate - Membrane Conductivity.
  • Very high energy efficient & no hidden cost like very high power consumption.
  • Very smaller foot print for laboratory usage.
  • Just plug & play operations. No start up time required.
  • Fastest analysis time in the world, Analysis time: 2 Min. (Flushing time for any sample: 6 min).
  • Fully 21CFR compliant as per regulatory requirements.
  • (Optional) Raw Sample & compensated (25°C) conductivity module.
  • “ZERO” maintenance cost for first year & nominal for further years.
  • (Optional) Qualification with certified Traceable standards as per (USP1225).
  • Calibration last for 12 months.
  • Most reliable & accurate system for TOC analysis, hence all semiconductor industries use GE only where carbon will measure in PPT.

Online Offline



Cleaning Validation Swabs

  • Knitted Polyester head material.
  • Low TOC (10PPB) also available.
Vphp Generator (Bio-Decontamination Of Clean Rooms, Isolator, Pass Box, Bio Safety Cabinet, C-Rabs Etc.)

  • For bio-decontamination of clean rooms, isolators, pass boxes, defreezers, lypholizers, walking chambers etc…
  • 6 Log sporicidal reduction system.
  • NO residue of H2O2 after decontamination.
  • Fully validatable system with CI & BI.
  • Uses H2O2 of very good material compatibility.
  • Automatic and mobile version with printer, designed to be used outside the treated environment.
  • The instrument is fully controlled through a touch screen with recipes and report printout.
  • Treatable volume: max 500 m3.
  • Injection rate: 0-10 g/min.
  • Air flow: up to 200 m3/h (adjustable).
  • Dimensions: 400 x 802 x 620 mm (L x D x H).
  • Weight: 85 kg.

2 In 1 Microbial Air Sampler: (Environmental & Compressor Air Sampling)

  • Fully complied as per ISO 14698-1 guidelines.
  • Inbuilt flow sensor to monitor the flow rate throughout the sampling.
  • Admin controlled date & time modification.
  • HEPA filtered exhaust, hence useful system for classified sterile environment.
  • Best sampler for sterile area with remote operation. (Single remote can control 5 samplers).
  • Powerful Lithium ion battery for continuous operation of 6hrs & fully chargeable in 2.5 hrs.
  • User friendly software with PC connectivity & data storage for future reference.
  • Anodized aluminum head with feller correction chart.
  • Portable POS printer for identification plate.
  • Multi user login facility under admin control.
  • Onsite calibration with digital flow meter.
  • Same sampler can be used for ISOLATOR sampling also with additional accessories.

Lab Water Purification System: TYPE I , II & III

Its superior functions and international sense of design competing with world renowned makers.

Parameters Limits
Nominal Flow to Storage Tank 10 l/h
Dispensing Flow 1 - 1.5 l/h
Pure Water Resistivity (Type I) 18.2 ϺΩ
Pure Water Conductivity (Type I) 0.055 Microsiemens/cm
Pure Water Resistivity (Type II ) < 10 ϺΩ
Pure Water Conductivity (Type II) < 0.1 Microsiemens/cm
Endotoxin Level < 0.001 EU/mI
Particle < 0.22 pm < 1 per ml
Bacteria < 1 cfu/ml
Total Organic Carbon (TOC) < 5 ppb

Micro Volume Rheometer

Maintenance free V-ROC technology.
  1. Accuracy: 2% of Reading
  2. Repeatability: 0.5% of the Range.
  3. Viscosity Range: 0.2 ~ 100,000 mPa-s (or cP).
  4. Shear Rate Range: 0.5 ~ 1,400,000 s -1.
  5. Small Sample Volume: 20 µL +
  6. Viscometer Dimensions: 10" x 15.5" x 7".
  7. Newtonian & Non-Newtonian fluids.
  8. Independent temp control for sample storage.

On Site/Lab Gas Generators


Clean Room Disinfection Foggers

  • Tank Capacity: 6.5 liters/7.5 Ltrs.
  • Digital timer to set fogger on for 1-99min.
  • High speed FHP motor for maximum thrust of spray.
  • For thrust of >50Feet.
  • All SS grade parts.
  • Sturdy, most durable, maintenance free.
  • (Optional) 360° Rotating ROTOR for the equally distribution.
  • Uses H2O2 aqueous solution OR virosil pharma which is approved by all global regulatory.